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Board Members

Gulnaz Tariq

Ms. Gulnaz Tariq

Founder, IIWCG
Past President WUWHS
Clinical Consultant Debra Pak.
Director of Education and Wound Care, Global Care Hospital,

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Executive Member ISWCAP

Hiske Smart

Ms. Hiske Smart

President, IIWCG
Editor IIWCG.
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Wound Care and Hyperbaric Unit, American Mission Hospital, Kingdom of Bahrain

Gary Sibbald

Prof. R. Gary Sibbald
Chief Advisor IIWCG

MD FRCPC, MACP, FAAD, MEd, FAPWCA Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medicine University of Toronto Ontario, Canada

Jassin Hamed

Dr. Jassin Hamed

Executive Member IIWCG
Executive Member  WUWHS

COO, Consultant Physician, Internal Medicine Global Care Hospital
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Noura Salim Salman

Dr. Noura Salim Salman

Executive Member IIWCG
Plastic Surgery, General aesthetic practitioner, MOH Licensed
Al Qassimi Hospital,
Sharjah UAE

Abbas Abdul Hassan

Mr. Abbas Abdul Hassan

IIWCG Treasurer
WUWHS Treasurer
Medical Affairs Director SKMC
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Chaitanya Kodange

Dr. Chaitanya Kodange
Scientific & Ethic Member IIWCG 

Consultant in Hyperbaric OxygenTherapy for Wound Healing Unit King Hamad University Hospital Kingdom of Bahrain

Bharat Kotru

Dr. Bharat Kotru

Executive Member IIWCG

Education Committee Member WUWHS
Podiatrist, Wound Care Specialist, Max Hospital

Salvacion Cruz

Ms. Salvacion Cruz

Director IIWCG UAE
IIWCC Student Coordinator
Education Committee Member



Abu Dhabhi, United Arab Emirates

Mousa Asiri

Mr. Mousa Asiri

Director, IIWCG KSA
Wound Care PSMMC
Wound and Skin Management


Ruth Mary Aruna

Ms. Ruth Mary Aruna
Director IIWCG KSA
Senior Clinical Specialist ,Wound & Ostomy at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre  

Linda Haskins

Dr. Linda Haskins

liaison officer IIWCG

Chief Nursing Officer 

Sheikh khalifa Mediacl City, Abu Dhabi

Eseya Abbas

Ms. Eseya Abbas

Director IIWCG KSA
Senior Clinical Specialist ,Wound &
Ostomy KSA

Nasreen Abdelatif

Ms. Nasreen Abdelatif

Director IIWCG UAE

Wound/Tissue Viability and Podiatry Specialist Nurse

Huda Aldhubaib

Dr. Huda Aldhubaib

Director, IIWCG Kuwait 
General Surgeon and
Diabetic Foot Specialist
Working Committee

Shyja Koshy

Ms. Shyja Koshy

Student Registration Coordinator IIWCC, WCN SKMC.

Abu Dhabi

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